Tactical Splinter / Sand Protection Goggles STAT no.: 90049010

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Newestgeneration of ballisticgoggle, the X1000 adapts itself
to your every need.
The X1000offers the choice: of interchangeable lenses which can be
adapted for use with or without prescription spectacles.
Certified to the STANAG 2920 standard with a ballistic resistance higher
than221 m/s, the X1000 is the ideal goggle for extreme tactical situations.

Ballistic outer lens: 2.95mm, anti-scratch - Curve 4.5
Ballistic inner lens: 1.3mm, anti-fog - Curve 5.75

Black TPV
Available in black, sand and nato green
Spare Lenses Clear, yellow and smoke tints
Strap Adjustable, 40 mm wide with non-slip technology
No Foam