RPS 3, Cop Killer Stopping Plate

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This Swedish Body Armour unique extreme concealable plate is designed to stop the Notorious "COP KILLER" Swedish Vanäs 9mm Parabellum High Power Armour Piercing 39B Machine gun/Pistol projectile when worn in conjunction with any body armor according to Swedish Police Standard RPS3. This is the world's thinnest Anti-Exotic and Anti-Trauma Pistol/Revolver Armor plate that, in conjunction with any Level IIA Vest, defeats the following threats:

All Pistol & Revolver projectiles including Armour piercing
7.62 × 25mm Tokarev at 0 m
12 gauge Multi-metal pellets at 5 m

Material: Special Hardened Swedish Ballistic Steel Bonded with Dyneema High Performace Fibers
Part #: SBAPL6200

25 x 30 cm for size 2XL-6XL, or Standard size for Tactical Vests and Plate carriers
20 X 27 cm for size S-XL Vests
16 X 21 cm for XS and females.

Curvature: Triple Curve
Front/Back: Front & Back rectangular
Finish: Hermetically Sealed PU backed Nylon Cover
Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA+39B in conjunction with NIJ Level IIA Vest
Weight: 0.6- 1.1 kg, depends on size