Coolmax Extreme® White Sweat Absorbing and Ventilating Short Sleeve T- Shirt

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100% Coolmax

short sleeve t-shirts are being discovered for the cool comfort
it brings to everyday apparel.

Coolmax® has proven physiological
benefits that keep you cool and dry under your Body-Armor or in
any setting from high-intensity performance workouts to everyday
casual wear under the uniform on physically demanding Security, Military or Police work.

Get the level of performance you need to stay cool and
comfortable in any stressful situation.

Coolmax® is the worlds no. #1 fabric for moisture
wicking and our shirts are made of
100% Coolmax Extreme® which is the highest quality of Coolmax® available.

Men's sizes are:
Small, 30-36 inches
Medium, 38-40 inches
Large, 42-44 inches
X.Large, 46-52 inches
2X.Large, 54-56 inches
3X.Large, 58 inches

Women sizing compare guide:
Small- 4-6
Medium- 8-10
Large- 12-14
XL- 16-18
XXL- 20-22