Swedish Forsheda NBC / CBRN Respirator gasmask with Viral Filter included

Swedish Forsheda NBC / CBRN Respirator gasmask with Viral Filter included

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The Forsheda A4 Respirator was developed as the civilian version of the Swedish military NBC Respirator gas mask F2. The F2 mask invented 1994 has been in service by the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Police and Swedish Rescue Services since 1997 with more than 700,000 masks having been produced. The Forsheda A4 Gas Mask is a premium NBC rated gas mask that is in brand new condition from the stock of the manufacturer. These are not military surplus masks, they are brand new masks in new condition, manufactured in Sweden year 2005, Guaranteed for storage before use for at least 25 years. The actual useful use time after delivery can be much much longer as these masks are made to last!

The Swedish Army masks from year 1997 are still in use today.

The Frame is made of tough Vulcanized Bromo-Butyl Rubber that withstands penetration of dangerous acids and harsh warfare chemicals for more than 24 hours.

The Inner mask is made of soft Silicon rubber

The Eyepieces are made of Polysulfone with Scratch Resistance Coating

The Comfortable 6-strap harness is made of High-grade Polyester/Polyamide(Nylon) & Lycra textiles.

The Inserts are of Polyamide (Nylon)

***The mask is delivered with a green plastic shape frame stabilizer that has to be removed before use, but kept for transport and storage***

The performance offered by the A4 Gas Mask

  • Excellent protection against penetration by any chemical threat agents tested and verified to be used in a contaminated area for more than 24 hours. 

  • Available in one size to fit all: -minimum size of bare skin on face of user to be able to fit snugly 12 X 13 cm (see picture with Green transport stabilizer)
  • Split Eyepiece gives excellent vision, 88 % of the normal field of vision. 

  • Split Eyepiece Design makes it perfect to use with cameras and most weapon systems
  • 40mm Filter thread according to NATO & intl. standards. 
(STANAG 4155 / EN 148) 

  • Comfortable 6 strap fabric harness. 

  • Weight, 360 gram without filter or transport frame
  • Airflow wires both lenses equally, preventing misting.
  • Easy to use, 8-10 seconds donning.
  • Left and or right-handed filter canister mounting. 
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate.
  • Maintenance can be carried out at unit level/home using simple tools.

The A4 NBC respirator combines the 
latest technology and materials, and provides the best-known protection, together with highest user comfort. 
The two eyepieces give a better downwards angle which enables you to almost see your chest, a great advantage when checking your weapon, reloading and handling other equipment. Separate eyepieces make the glasses come closer to the eyes which makes looking down binocular sights on weapons easier.  Delivered in size 2 medium with a New premium P3 R Anti-Viral and Particle Filter included.

Can be folded and needs less space in a bag or mask pouch
Prevents misting due to even airflow on both lenses during use.

Has left and right-handed canister mounting possibility
Has Integrated speech transmitter for voice communication. 

1pc. Black P3 R Anti-Viral Particle & CRBN filter is included with the A4 mask for free. 

The (1piece) included P3 R filter provides protection against all known highly volatile solid and liquid particles, protects against all type of particles /dust, fumes, fog, spray, asbestos/, Bacteria, Viruses, and radioactive pollution. 

The P3 R Filter included is reusable after particle exposure until clogged! (hard to breathe)



Masken skyddar ansikte och andningsvägar mot biologiska (Virus) och kemiska stridsmedel, radioaktivt damm, tårgas, sotpartiklar och värmestrålning.

1st. Ny P3 R anti-Viral Partikel filter medföljer A4 masken utan extra kostnad.

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