Rapid Protection CBRNE Anti-Terror Anti-Viral Rescue Kit with Chemical Protection

Rapid Protection CBRNE Anti-Terror Anti-Viral Rescue Kit with Chemical Protection

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The constant change of risks and threats in our surroundings has significantly increased the need for rapid Personal protection and Escape.

body-armor.com CBRNE Rescue Kit can be the difference between life and death in hazardous environments.

The Rescue Kit consists of a high-quality protective mask, CBRN filter, Rain, Chemical And Biological Protection body cover, Fist Aid Bandage, Chemical Light that works without battery and instructions. All in a practical compact carrying shoulder-bag.

1.) One-piece Swedish Military Chemi Cover Dress S/89, a disposable protection suit that allows  Body protection in seconds. S/89 consists of – one body cover. One size fits all — including space for extra equipment carried on the back. Flexible ring-opening for a tight fit over goggles and around Your gas mask. Folded and rolled for compact space.

2.)One-piece High-quality Professional Bromo-Butyl Rubber CBRN Gas Mask


3.) One Black 40mm CRBN Filter for Nato Gas Masks 


4.) One High-Quality Water-Resistant Shoulder Carry and Storage Bag for the Kit items

5.) One CYALUME STICK waterproof Chemical light stick so you can signal or find your way in the dark

  • MADE UNDER STRICT QUALITY GUIDELINES to ensure each light stick works without issue – guaranteed. Rest assured knowing you can trust SnapLight.
  • PATENTED, LONG-LASTING FORMULATIONS provide high light output for up to 12 hours at a time to help you get the job done when electric light isn’t an option.
  • GUARANTEED 5 YEAR SHELF LIFE AND INDIVIDUAL FOIL WRAPPING means SnapLight can be safely stored for years until the need arises without harm to the stick or components.
  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE STICK CONSTRUCTION provides a level of durability not found in competitor light sticks. Our formulations have no equal.
  • WATER-PROOF, NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-TOXIC CHEMISTRY means SnapLight is as safe as it is durable. Perfect for confined spaces or underwater applications.

6.) One Professional Emergency Pressure Bandage that can be used as Tourniquet supplied with additional 20 X 30cm 8″ X 12″ double-sided non-adhering wound pad for use in wound packing or covering of burns etc.

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