Pocket Anti-Viral P3 Particle Filter Escape Mask

Pocket Anti-Viral P3 Particle Filter Escape Mask

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The Anti Viral P3 filtration mask is a respiratory protection device built for long-term use in environments containing high concentrations of harmful particles. It is specifically designed to protect users ears, eyes, nose, mouth and head against airborne plagues. The mask’s construction incorporates several features meant to provide maximum protection and ease of use. Its filters are fitted with an electrostatic particle filtration layer, providing HEPA P3 (99.995% filtration) protection levels. The rubber hood covers the entire head and seals around the neck, providing crucial protection against contaminants that can enter through the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

The mask’s inward leakage rating far surpasses that of any disposable N99 masks. On average, this type of mask has an order of magnitude better sealing and filtration than the common Medical Anti Viral N95 respirator’s 10% bypass rate and it protects the eyes and ears as well. The neck-seal design makes it usable for people with long hair and facial hair, small or large head size and it can be used even while wearing glasses (if necessary). The P3 Pocket mask device allows comfortable breathing and prevents a build-up of CO2 and humidity within the mask. Combined with the large visor specially treated against fogging, it provides maximum visibility for working in and for safe escape and transportability from contaminated areas.

Shelf life: 10 years

Use time: Can be used for weeks/months continuously until breathing difficulty is experienced (filter full) or until damaged/broken or soiled.

One size fits all, can also be used by children (from 12 y-old)

Particle Filtration (%)


Dimensions (LWH cm)

14.5x12x3.5 cm

Weight (grams)



Personal Defense, UN, Corporations, Press and TV teams
Security & Military, Hospitals and homes
Law enforcement & First responders

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