Personal 60 minute Fire Escape Mask Respirator & Smoke Protective Face Cover, Fire Emergency Escape Hood

Personal 60 minute Fire Escape Mask Respirator & Smoke Protective Face Cover, Fire Emergency Escape Hood

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* The respirator is made of flame-retardant fabric, and the surface is coated with aluminium foil film to resist heat radiation and prevent high-temperature radiation in the fire field from harming the head of the escape.
* The respirator has a large transparent eye window with an open view for easy escape.
* The surface of the respirator is reflective due to the coating of the aluminium foil film, which is convenient for identifying escapers under heavy smoke.
* The respirator is made of soft rubber and is comfortable to wear. Its shape is suitable for all kinds of face, and it is airtight. It prevents toxic fumes from directly entering the breathing organs through channels other than the filter canister.
* One layer of the canister is made of and impregnated with high-quality activated carbon. The other filter layer is made of ultra-fine fibre material, which both effectively prevent toxic fumes, poisonous mist, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide for up to 60 minutes use.
* The inlet and outlet of the canister are sealed with soft rubber, and the sealing is long-term and reliable, ensuring the performance of the product within the validity period.
* Protection objects: carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, poisonous mist, toxic fumes, dust, etc.

Protection time: XHZLC60≤60min
Inspiratory resistance: ≤800Pa at 95L/min
Expiratory resistance: ≤300Pa at 95L/min
Filter performance: filter efficiency ≥ 95%
Inhalation temperature: 0.255% CO ≤ 65 °C
Wearing weight: ≤ 1000g

1. This product is for one-time use only, for personal protection and self-rescue.
2. During the use of the product, the inhalation temperature will rise after the external toxic gas is filtered, indicating that the concentration of the external toxic gas is high, and the agent in the canister is undergoing a filtering reaction to provide clean air to the user and inhale. A higher temperature is normal. At this time, the respirator must not be removed and can be removed after escaping from danger.
3. This product is made to breathe by filtering the outside air, so it cannot be used when the oxygen concentration in the air is less than 17%.
4. When the product is in a standby state, the ambient temperature should be 0~40°C, there is no heat source around, flammable, explosive and corrosive items. ventilation should be good, no rain and moisture erosion.
5. This respirator is a storage type. Once it is fixed and stored, it cannot be moved, knocked or disassembled at will, so as to avoid accidental failure.
6. This respirator is for adults to wear. Adults are required to help when kids are wearing them.
7. If the opening seal and the packaging bag of the packaging box cover are torn, the vacuum packaging is destroyed, the sealing cannot be recovered, then the respirator is considered as used.

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