Cordura Nylon Specialist Kidney Side Body Tactical Bag

Cordura Nylon Specialist Kidney Side Body Tactical Bag

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A convenient Specialist kidney shoulder bag for all those things that end up in your arms when least you wish. -Throw them in the side bag and continue moving!
Easy to carry and keeping whatever you carry or shop within easy reaches like headphones, sunglasses, extra magazines, knife, snack waterbottle, and more.
This is a grab bag with six inside compartments for storing tactical lamp, magazines, radios, etc.
Two compartments are zipped to further secure important contents.
Zipped opening to the main compartment and a drawstring closure inside to protect from dirt, rain, and snow.

This is the perfect Specialist Town/ travel / iPad/ Computer grab-bag that you can store under the seat in front of you on the plane.
Removable shoulder strap with side release buckle.
Removable security waistband with side release buckle.
Eyelets in the bottom to let sand and water out.

MOLLE webbing on the front.

Soft Velcro on one corner for Insignia or mark

Used by Malaysian Navy as an emergency bag for NBC face mask and extra filter carrying.

Volume: 10L

Weight:450 g

Dimensions:30 × 30 × 17 cm

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