Our Guarantee

We provide the industry's most comprehensive guarantees and service on our protective vests and plates.
If you have any problems or ideas, complaints or requests about our products, we would like you to contact us immediately!

Contact us at Tel: +447781117103 We have specialists who listen to your needs. By agreement, you can send the product to us for inspection (You pay for shipping) You can also contact us at info@bodyarmour.com

Our prices include the following
1) Size adjustment according to a Measurement Form or personal consulting by phone - we manufacture tailor-made if needed!
2) Liability insurance according to the law.
3) We guarantee the whole vest for 2 years to be free from defects in material and workmanship from manufacture date. ***
4) 15-year warranty for service and the availability of replacement components. 
5) LIFETIME international repair guarantee that says: "If damage occurs to the armour Protective PANELS during on-duty confrontation from firearm projectiles, auto accident, sharp/blunt instruments, we will repair or Replace it free of charge. Enclose Original Police report stating that your SBA protected you explaining how the damage occurred." 
6) 100% Satisfied Customer Warranty - Free of charge changes are made as needed to ensure perfect fit and comfort even after purchase.
7) 6-year unchanged protection level guarantee. * (HG1, NIJ II, RPS 1, Stab Protection)
8) 10-year unchanged protection level guarantee. * (HG2, IIIA, RPS 2)
9) 15-year unchanged protection level guarantee. * (Level III, RPS 3, RPS 4, RPS 5, Level IV, V)

* Only applies if the panel's protective case is in unopened originals, and if the panels are not subjected to mechanical impact, changes, heat, wear or any other washing than SBA's washing instructions.

** Changes at no cost are made one-two times after purchase and concern only reduction of protected area to increase comfort, NOT to add-on any extra protection, the customer pays for shipping & packaging.


SBA's responsibility does not include:
(a) errors caused by the purchaser's changes or interference with the goods in violation of the supplier's instructions;
(b) errors caused by the use of the goods by the purchaser contrary to the user documentation or neglect of the client, his staff or third party.
In order to claim that the product is incorrect, the customer must report the error to the SBA within a reasonable time after he or she noticed the error. The customer shall indicate and, if necessary, show where the error is located. Errors must be rectified at SBA.
Warranty requirement does not apply if damage occurs in connection with Customer's use of the product in connection with breaches of Swedish or other countries' laws or in ways that may give rise to civil or criminal liability.

If any components are damaged due to neglect, misuse or abuse - this guarantee is immediately null and void. See our enclosed Care & Maintenance instruction 

Vi lämnar branschens mest omfattande garantier och service på våra skyddsvästar! 
Har Du problem eller idéer, klagomål eller önskemål om våra produkter vill vi att Du tar kontakt med oss omgående. 

Kontakta oss på Tfn: +44 7781117103 vi har specialister som lyssnar på Dina behov. Efter överenskommelse kan Du skicka produkten till oss för genomgång per post (Du bekostar ev. frakten) Du kan även kontakta oss på: info@bodyarmour.com 

I våra priser ingår följande 
1) Måttanpassning enl. måttmall eller telefon genomgång- vi tillverkar Skräddarsytt vid behov! 
2) Ansvarsförsäkring enl. lag 
3) 2 år garanti vad gäller fabrikationsfel.*** 
4) 15 års garanti avseende tillgång på reservdelar och fullgod service. 
5) Livstids reparationsgaranti på skyddspanelerna enl. följande: "skada på skyddspanelerna som uppkommer i tjänsteutövande till följd av ballistisk händelse, bilolycka och våld med vassa eller trubbiga föremål, repareras kostnadsfritt om skadan kan styrkas genom polisrapport". 
6) 100% Nöjd kund garanti - kostnadsfria ändringar görs vid behov så perfekt passform och komfort garanteras även efter köpet. 
7) 6 års oförändrad skyddsnivå garanti.* (HG1, NIJ II, RPS 1, Stickskydd)
8) 10 års oförändrad skyddsnivå garanti.* (HG2, IIIA, RPS 2) 
9) 15 års oförändrad skyddsnivå garanti.* (Level III, RPS 3, RPS 4, RPS 5, Level IV, V) 

* Gäller endast om panelens skyddsfodral är i oöppnat original samt om panelerna ej utsatts för mekanisk åverkan, ändringar, värme, slitage eller annan tvätt än enligt SBAs tvättanvisning. 

** Ändringar utan kostnad görs en-två gånger efter köpet och avser endast förminskning av skyddsyta för att öka komforten, EJ tillägg av något slag -kunden betalar för ev. frakt, emballage. 

*** Gäller EJ slitage eller vid åverkan enlig punkt * 

SBAs ansvar omfattar inte: 
a) fel förorsakade genom av beställare företagna ändringar eller ingrepp i varan som skett i strid mot leverantörens instruktioner; 
b) fel som förorsakats genom beställares användning av varan i strid med vad som framgår av användardokumentationen eller genom försummelse av beställare, dennes personal eller tredje man. 
För att få åberopa att varan är felaktig, skall beställaren anmäla felet till SBA inom skälig tid efter det att han märkt eller bort märka felet. Beställaren skall därvid ange och vid behov visa hur felet yttrar sig. Fel skall avhjälpas hos SBA. 
Garantikrav gäller EJ om skada sker i samband med Kunds användning av produkt i samband med brott mot svensk eller annat lands lag eller på ett sätt som kan ge upphov till civilrättsligt eller straffrättsligt ansvar. 

Swedish Body Armour Care & Maintenance
Armor Info
Care & Maintenance

COMFORTSHIELD™ should be properly stored when not in use. In order to maintain and protect the optimal ballistic performance of your COMFORTSHIELD™ carrier, it should be stored at normal room temperature in a dry place. When not in use, avoid storing your COMFORTSHIELD™ in places where it is exposed to persistent high temperatures (120F and above) in combination with high humidity (50% and above) for long uninterrupted periods of time (two weeks or more). Ordinary daily temperature and humidity conditions experienced while wearing your vest during routine shifts will not have an adverse effect on your COMFORTSHIELD's performance. Vests should be stored flat in individual bags or storage devices separate from other vests or equipment. Vests stored together with other vests, or not separated from other similar equipment, are prone to damage caused by: 
VELCRO™ fasteners unintentionally engaging. 
Sharp edges on metal equipment, which can tear the fabric. 
Components becoming entangled with other components. 
Abrasion with other equipment, which can damage coatings or surfaces of fasteners. 
To clean the ballistic panels, follow these instructions: 
Remove all removable Velcro straps from the outer shell carrier and hand wash them separately. 
Gently hand wash the panels with a sponge or washcloth/soft brush using a mild detergent. Wipe off any excess detergent with clean water using the same procedure. 
Wipe dry and air dry in shade. 
Ensure ballistic panels are completely dry before re-inserting into outer shell carrier. 
Outer shell carrier must be completely dry prior to re-inserting the ballistic panels 

Upon delivery of this product from Swedish Body Armour or your local Swedish Body Armour dealer, please review and inspect all components. Your inspection should verify the following: 
The correct style of vest. 
The correct size of the vest. 
Correct ballistic model. 
Ballistic panels are in place and properly oriented (certification label faces Strike Face side). 
Correct color of the carrier. 
Optional features, if applicable, are present and correct. 
If, upon conclusion of your inspection, you find the vest system to be complete and acceptable, please complete and return the warranty registration card below by Telephone or email. To: +44 7781117103 info@bodyarmour.com
If, however, you have found any discrepancy during your inspection, contact your local Swedish Body Armour dealer or contact Swedish Body Armour directly. At: info@bodyarmour.com
Vest systems, like any life saving or life protection equipment, should be subjected to periodic inspections. 

Concealable COMFORTSHIELD™ should be cleaned on a regular basis. This provides the perfect opportunity for a quick, 30-second inspection. During this inspection remove the ventilation panels from the carrier system. Review each component of the system as follows: 
Ballistic Panel - front and rear 
Inspect the impact side and body side of each panel for… 
holes, tears or rips, damage to the ballistic covering 
creases, wrinkles or unintended contours 
soiled appearance 
presence of moisture 
Carrier - front and rear
Inspect the impact side and body side of each carrier component for… 
holes, tears or rips, damage to any component 
damage or excessive wear on the VELCRO™ fasteners 
damage or excessive wear on the NEOPRENE fastener components 
damage to stitches or seams. 
If you discover any excessive wear or damage during your detailed inspection, contact your local Swedish Body Armour dealer or contact Swedish Body Armour directly. 

Any damage to a ballistic panel should be brought to the attention of Swedish Body Armour immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, tears in the ballistic covering, ballistic impacts, cuts or tears to the ballistic panel. Under no circumstances should anyone repair or alter any Swedish Body Armour ballistic component other than Swedish Body Armour Group AB. The act of repairing or altering a ballistic component shall void the warranty. 
Damage to the outer shell carrier should be brought to the attention of Swedish Body Armour immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, tears, cuts, holes, damaged fasteners, etc. Under no circumstances should anyone repair or alter any Swedish Body Armour ballistic component other than Swedish Body Armour Group AB. The act of repairing or altering an outer shell carrier shall void the warranty. 
COMFORTSHIELD™ materials, like clothing, are subject to wear. Although there is evidence of some degradation in ballistic performance as a result of wear, armor that is properly cared for will continue to work well beyond the manufacturer's warranty period.
Because of these considerations, Swedish Body Armour recommends that you have a regular inspection program for COMFORTSHIELD™ and consider replacement a minimum of every ten years for level IIIA, III, IV. 
Should the ballistic panel package be broken, interrupted, or damaged in any way, CEASE USING THE SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR ARMOR IMMEDIATELY and return it to SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR for inspection in order to ensure proper functioning. 
WARNINGS! Please Read Carefully. 
For the protection and safety of our valued customers, the following warnings must be read, understood, and adhered to prior to the use of any Swedish Body Armour product. 
COMFORTSHIELD™ is designed to offer ballistic or stab protection or both under specific circumstances against specific threats. COMFORTSHIELD™ is not "bulletproof" or bullet-proof nor “stabproof” or stab-proof and cannot make the wearer immune to all potential threats. Always exercise extreme caution and follow standard safety procedures at all times. Each model of COMFORTSHIELD™ is designed to stop specified projectiles at specific speeds and specific knives at specific stab powers under guidelines established by specific standards, such as, but not limited to, those of the National Institute of Justice PSDB, RPS, TRS etc. Refer to the label placed on the Strike face/body side of each ballistic panel for listed projectiles relating to the specific COMFORTSHIELD™ model. Independent laboratory test results shown in the catalog, on the ballistic panel label, or on any other Swedish Body Armour printed materials were obtained on sealed and undamaged armor panels. Projectiles not specifically listed may penetrate COMFORTSHIELD™. Rounds that achieve higher than standard factory speeds, including, in many cases, rounds fired from modified or non-standard handguns, may penetrate armor. COMFORTSHIELD™ will not stop rifle projectiles, and may or may not defeat the special purpose or armor-piercing projectiles, or sharp, pointed instruments such as arrows, ice picks or knives dependent upon the specific armor design. 
No ballistic protection or stab protection is possible where the panel package does not exist. It is the responsibility of the wearer to understand the limitations of the coverage area of the specific vest. Vest protective coverage will vary according to vest size, style, fit and your own body configuration and size. 
Do NOT alter or modify your COMFORTSHIELD™. 
Use ONLY the outer garments recommended and manufactured by Swedish Body Armour COMFORTSHIELD™ as panel carriers. 
Do NOT use this vest system if the seal of the ballistic panel package has been broken, damaged, or otherwise interrupted, or if the ballistic package itself has been damaged in any way. 
Do NOT expose this vest system to chemicals. 
Do NOT expose ballistic panels alone to direct sunlight. 
WARNING: Limited Impact Protection
SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR body armor may reduce or prevent injuries. SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR, body armor is not bulletproof or stab proof and can not protect against all threats. Impact forces can result in serious injury or death. 
WARNING: SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR Ballistic Panels Can Not Protect What It Does Not Cover
SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR ballistic or stab protection panels offer protection to only those areas that they cover. Ballistic or stab protection panels do not protect the neck/head or any area it does not fully cover. 
WARNING: SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR Fabric Outer Shell Carrier Does Not Provide Any Ballistic Protection
The fabric outer shell carrier is designed to carry specific SWEDISH BODY ARMOUR panel packages. The fabric carrier itself provides no independent ballistic protection. 


This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of all other agreements and warranties, general or special, express or implied. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the same duration as this express limited warranty. Swedish Body Armour reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to refund all or a portion of the purchase price rather than repair or replace any ballistic panel package or removable fabric outer shell carrier. 
Swedish Body Armour shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Some states and countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. 
This limited warranty does not cover anything resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, breakage, interruption, damage, improper fit, failure to perform care and maintenance as instructed, or unauthorized sale, repair or service. 
This limited warranty does not cover any representation or warranty made by dealers beyond the provisions of this warranty. No representative or person is authorized to assume liability on behalf of Swedish Body Armour Group AB in connection with the sale or use of this product. 
You must establish proof of purchase to obtain warranty service or replacement. 
This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also have other rights that vary from state to state and country to country. 
The ballistic panels are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of Ten (10) years from the date of purchase. 
Should the ballistic panel package be broken, interrupted, or damaged in any way, cease using the SBA Vest immediately and return it to Swedish Body Armour for inspection and repair in order to ensure proper functioning. In the event that the damage or interruption of the package has not been caused, as determined solely by Swedish Body Armour Group, by neglect or abuse, the panel will be inspected and repaired at no charge, provided that all postage and mailing/shipping costs are paid by the original purchaser. If the damage or interruption of the panel is determined to be caused by neglect or abuse, then Swedish Body Armour Group will advise the owner of recommended repair or replacement and the cost. 
The Warranty for the SBA Vest shall be immediately terminated and of no effect should the COMFORTSHIELD™ (including the ballistic package) be damaged through neglect or abuse, or worn or used with damaged or interrupted panel packages, or should any part of the COMFORTSHIELD™ be altered, modified, or repaired by anyone other than Swedish Body Armour. 
The Swedish Body Armour Outer shell Carrier is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (2) years from the date of purchase. The Warranty is forthwith terminated should the Outer shell Carrier be abused or if the laundry instructions located on the care label attached to the garment and within this document are not complied with. 
All claims under the above Limited Warranty shall be made in writing, postage pre-paid, to Swedish Body Armour, 
La Vaurocque, Sark, Guernsey

Attention: Servicing Department. Any and all consequential damages are expressly limited to either (i) the replacement of any defective Ballistic Panel or Outer shell Carrier, or (ii) a refund of the original purchase price to the original purchaser, the choice of (i) or (ii) to be at the sole option and discretion of Swedish Body Armour.