About Us

body-armour.com is a privately held internet department store whose main activity is the wholesale distribution of Police, Security, and Outdoor equipment.

Swedish Body Armour was founded in 1991 in Sweden under the name Up North Ltd and was established as a shares company. The current name and business model was adopted in 1994.

We are the source
Our business started in 1987 and in 1991 we began to manufacture and sell cut resistant gloves, a patented self-defense spray, and knife-protective vests.
We developed the world's first Body Armor vest made with Dyneema in 1992.
We are one of the oldest companies in Europe that design, manufacture, import, and supply body armor and security products.
Many vendors in this industry buy and sell our products since we are the leading source of innovative and customer loved comfortable protective vests.
As a manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we offer very competitive prices and fast delivery time not available elsewhere.

body-armour.com is engaged in the wholesale of diverse products to organisations, corporations and government branches across the Internet since November 1998.
Our wide range of items includes our renowned Swedish Body Armor bullet and knife protection vests, shields, uniform belts, security equipment and bags.
Our website operates as an e-commerce department store engaged in the distribution and wholesale of quality equipment to government, businesses, and professional individuals in nine departments that are open around the clock, all year round:

* Swedish Body Armour (body armor, bullet, and knife-proof vests)
* Swedish Tactical Gear (Swedish Designed tactical equipment)
* Public Safety (Police & Security)
* Watch Pro Shop (Professional Watches & Jewelry)
* Outdoor & Survival (Survival Gear, Hunting, Camping, Cooking, Optics)
* Tools & Knives
* Lamps (Lighting Solutions& Torchlights)
* Apparel (Women's and Men's Clothing)
* Gifts & Clearance (Gift & Sale)

Trusted e-business since 1998
Unlike most companies engaged in manufacturing and e-commerce, we have modern, customised and highly cost-effective IT solutions for internet sales and efficient delivery with a constantly updated inventory management.
Our company maintains its own production lines, design, and import of selected items that are stocked in our own warehouse.
We export our products, import and distribute many popular brands of high-quality police, tactical and security items.
Offering the latest technology and cutting-edge designs with an unparalleled level of service has given body-armour.com a unique position in the market.
We are proudly committed to constantly improve our line of products while striving to provide our customers with a truly enjoyable purchasing experience.

Sincerely yours,