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Posted by Gal Fridman on

March 30, 2020

Today we learned from our local Post office CORREOS that some countries are closed even for Postal packages, we got back Packages that we sent in the past 2 weeks to Peru, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovenia..

OTHER COUNTRIES ARE NOT AFFECTED, -we ship to other international destinations on a daily basis.

CORREOS told us to check every day and try to admit these packages, as soon as the closure will be lifted they will accept the paid-for packages again... if you have ordered goods from any of the here mentioned affected countries and want to cancel your order we can do that because we got the packages back. Please contact us on and we will credit you immediately.

Please consider to use your own International Express forwarder account like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DPD and ask them to pick the goods at our warehouse on your behalf or inform us your client number to book for you express shipping. This will ensure quick delivery without waiting for the now relatively slow postal services.

Please take care and stay safe.


March 26, 2020

Due to an unprecedented spike in order volume and inquiries, and because of the current global outbreak of coronavirus, more than 80% of International flights have ceased operations, some countries are completely closed which has been a huge challenge for international transportation of orders. The limited flight's resources come to a delay for all international package delivery. Our low-cost Postal shipping methods are facing at least a 14 days delay due to the limited flights and countries closed.

Please consider to use your own International Express forwarder account and inform us your client number to book for you express shipping 

Our lead times on shipping, along with the time it takes us to respond to your questions has increased. The current estimated lead time is six to twelve weeks to ship orders, and your order will be shipped in the sequence in which it was received. If you are not comfortable with waiting, please DO NOT order anything on website. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through this, and ask that you read all product descriptions carefully before reaching out with questions.

Take care and stay safe.




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