Public Safety

Our Public Safety products have been developed over many years for Police, Security Contractors and Organisations and their workers and are designed to fit together.

Pockets on coveralls are positioned to be easily accessible when the equipment vest is worn outside.

The vest is designed purposefully short to promote easy movement.

Pouches can be safely attached in many different places.

The pouches can be attached in various ways, providing you with easy access to what you want quickly.

The pouches are designed for fast magazine change.

The tactical pouches have a safety/transport mode and a silent operation mode so you can change magazine silently.

On the leg, you can attach a rope bag. The bag can be quickly pulled off when you are done with it.

The radio can be attached wherever you want it to be. There are several options where you can pull the wires for microphone, PTT and headphones, so they don't get stuck. The headphones can, when not in use, be inserted into the special protection compartment.

Every piece of Public Safety supplied equipment is designed to work together, in a system.

Public Safety

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