Duty Gear

Our Duty Gear system is specifically for the uniformed user and is based on our Police equipment belt along with the various pouches/holsters mounted on the belt. It is designed to be safe and comfortable.


The belt is the most comfortable equipment belt that currently exists. It is padded and shaped to sit comfortably around the body, even when it is fully loaded it has been adopted by the Swedish Police and manySecurity companies in Northern Europe.

The pouches are mounted between the inner and outer belt ensuring that no edges or hard surfaces can press against your body. The inner belt is padded and has friction fabric facing inwards towards the body. The friction fabric on the inside makes it lock into place creating less pressure around your hips.


The pouches are designed to be easily accessible. They can be mounted on several different levels, some pouches either vertically or horizontally


The belt has a three-point buckle to prevent accidental opening. There is also a safety strap that locks on top of the Security buckle.

The pouches are fitted between the inner and outer belt, and are virtually impossible to pull off. The belt is difficult to ignite.

Duty Gear

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